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Sterling Leadership has over 50 years of combined experience in Senior Housing, Aquisition, New Development, Finance and Value-Added Turnaround Investments


Thomas Monahan founded Sterling Senior Communities.  During his career in real estate investment and development, he has assembled a successful track record of profitable, well managed projects.  Mr. Monahan has extensive experience in Real Estate Acquisition, Capital Markets, and Finance, overseeing a dedicated team of professionals.  Mr. Monahan has held the leadership role in projects that are valued at over $1.3 Billion.  Mr. Monahan is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder where he majored in Business and Architecture.
Thomas M. Monahan President & CEO
Key Areas of Expertise
-Value Add Real Estate Investing -Senior Housing Ownership, Turn Around, and Development -Troubled Asset Turnaround -Development Entitlements, Political Process Navigation & Project Management -Asset Repositioning to Create Maximum Value -Project Visioning -Investor Relations Management & Reporting
Selected Recent Senior Housing Projects
In addition to the above projects, Mr. Monahan has personally overseen the creation of the following residential and commercial developments.
Size:    285 Units  35 Story Value: $170,000,000   Size:    166 Units  16  Story Value: $90,000,000   Size:    92 Units  17 Story Value: $60,000,000   Single Family Homes Value: $10,000,000   Size:    82 Units   6 Story Value: $55,000,000   Size:    80 Units   3 Story Value: $30,000,000   Size:    121 Homes Value: $50,000,000   Size:    23 Townhomes Value: $23,000,000   Size:    23 Homes Value: $30,000,000   Size:    80,000 sq. ft. Value: $50,000,000   Size:   160,000 sq. ft. Value: $40,000,000   Size:   80,000 sq. ft. Value: $75,000,000   Size:   46 Townhomes Value: $21,000,000   Size:   42 Townhomes Value: $37,000,000   Size:   35,000 sq. ft. Value: $15,000,000   Size:   121,000 sq. ft. Value: $80,000,000   Size:   25,000 sq. ft. Value: $28,000,000   Size:    20 Homes Value: $40,000,000
Sterling Ridge
Sterling Court
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Sterling Oaks
Tanner Spring
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