The Sterling Team has over 70 years of combined experience in Senior Housing, Acquisition,
New Development, Finance and Value-Added Turnaround Investments.
Timothy Hazen
Vice President, Operations
Mr. Hazen’s entire career has been dedicated to caring for the elderly. Since 1990, Tim has been working in
senior living communities starting as Administrator of a  Skilled Nursing Facility, Tim soon became Regional
Director and later Director of Operations for Prestige Care, in Portland, OR.  He managed a portfolio of 30
Assisted Living Facilities in seven different states, Tim led his team with a strategic vision of resident-focused
care. Tim has managed and stabilized properties, start-up operations for newly constructed senior
communities, and turnaround operations for acquisitions of existing buildings.
During his tenure with Prestige Care, Tim Hazen had direct operational responsibility for the properties listed
in this section.  His responsibilities included transitioning new assets from old leadership to that of the
Prestige Care team, preparing the facilities for a new administrator, developing the operational plan for newly
developed projects and ensuring that once transitioned, the properties performed according to expectations.
Tim served in this role from 1997 until 2005.  
Tim was the Director of Operations of the Skilled Nursing Portfolio for Prestige Care from 1990 until 1998.  As the
Director of Operations, Tim was responsible for overseeing the facility administrators and ensuring that each facility
performed as expected.   
Thomas M. Monahan
President & CEO
Thomas Monahan founded Monahan Pacific Corporation and has been its active manager since 1985.  During
his career in real estate investment and development, he has assembled a successful track record of profitable,
well managed projects.  Mr. Monahan has extensive experience in Real Estate Acquisition, Capital Markets, and
Finance, overseeing a dedicated team of professionals.  Mr. Monahan has held the leadership role in projects
that are valued at over $1 Billion.  Mr. Monahan is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder where he
majored in Business and Architecture.   
-Value Add Real Estate Investing
-Senior Housing Ownership, Turn Around, and Development
-Troubled Asset Turnaround
-Development Entitlements, Political Process Navigation & Project Management
-Asset Repositioning to Create Maximum Value
-Project Visioning
-Investor Relations Management & Reporting
Mr. Monahan has personally overseen the creation of the following private and commercial developments: